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Human jumping in the centre


Discovery research  

Align your vision with your target's habits, desires and decision making. 

Product & Service Design

Create a seamless fit between your audience's needs and your solutions.

Experience optimisation

Understand how your solutions are experienced in the real world.

User research workshop in progress

research Support

Research strategy 

Developing research solutions that seamlessly fit your innovation process.


Conducting Research

Using our emotional intelligence to understand your audience inside out.



Understanding how insights impact your products, services and organisation.

Green Field by Johannes Plenio

for visionaries


Start-ups with a drive

Getting to know your audience to discover where you add most value. 

SME's on a mission

Creating a deep understanding of how to change with the people you serve.

Corporates with a vision

Tailored research to help transition your business unit to a better future. 

human-centred solutions

We are not bound by any one particular research + design model. What we care about is to integrate research with your preferred development process around the people you hope to serve. We will help you with creating a matching research strategy, do the moderation and facilitation and make sense of all the insights to support your process.

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