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To help find solutions around human needs to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.


We offer independent research services to organisations who strive for a better future for people and planet.


We help align your vision with your target’s reality by embedding their habits, dreams & decision making into your development process.

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As We Are Research was founded by Thomas Sluiter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After moving to Australia, Thomas set out to help Australian organisations create human centric solutions for the challenges of our time. 

As a research professional on agency side, Thomas has worked in a wide variety of sectors. He has over 12 years of experience working with start-ups, NGOs, private businesses and global firms.

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client feedback

Thomas' interpersonal and qualitative research skills are a powerful combination for quickly developing a thorough understanding of complex client circumstances and needs.

Thomas is terrific - never seen anyone who can go with the flow with more grace!

His extensive experience and professional manner create a collaborative and effective partnership to target and achieve specific goals and outcomes.

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We are committed to help solve your problems.

We are committed to help achieve your goals.


We are passionate about what we do.

We are passionate about what you do.


We care about your audiences.

We treat everyone with equal respect.


We adhere to the professional standards
outlined by The Research Society.


We trial-and-error having a positive impact
on people and the planet.

Fit for the job

Master of Science in Social & Cultural Anthropology.

Experienced in research and sustainability.

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