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Wind Turbines

Energy transition

The vision

In the ideal world we rely on wind, wave and solar power to live our everyday lives, backup up by low impact storage solutions that are safe, don't pollute and are fully re-usable.

Energy generating components are made from re-usable materials that have minimal impact on people and planet in the mining and making process. 

No carbon emissions.

No nasty waste products.

No health problems.

Endless energy.

The challenge

A  key challenge is to increase consumer demand to have an ever stronger business case to transition to renewables.

To motivate consumers to become energy producers and shift to renewable energy providers.   

To move away from the idea that energy is a commodity and all is created equal.

To make it attractive to change with better customer service, more insight, smarter devices, a better feeling.

Helping the transition

In the consumer market we need to understand consumer decision making around shifting to renewable energy suppliers.

We need to know the triggers and barriers to becoming a producer.

We need to learn what models and innovations appeal to make a shift.

With our experience in understanding  consumer decision making, we are well equipped to help you discover how to become a supplier of choice.

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