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Low impact living

The vision

If every household has a net positive effect on the world, our day-to-day lives would have a positive impact on the planet.

 By moving towards energy neutral housing, with zero-waste consumption patterns and a net positive use of natural resources, we would do the word living justice.

Living would lead to cleaner water and air, more forestation and increased biodiversity. A living planet as a result.

The challenge

Increased comfort must go hand in hand with smarter use of resources.

We need to aim for convenient homes with passive solar design using renewable energy in smart grids to satisfy our energy and heating needs.

We have to reduce our ecological footprints by building with renewable materials, and equip houses with smart appliances that minimise water use, energy use and contamination of waste streams. 

Helping the transition

For many developments around the home, tradition has to meet innovation. 


Revolutionary concepts that have groundbreaking potential, should be designed around user needs to create a good market fit. 

We are keen to help those forward thinkers understand their audiences. Discovering how your innovations can meet your user needs or  how user desires can inspire new innovations. 

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