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Bicycle and electric bus in street

safe transport

The vision

What if we could travel from A to B in ways that are safe, clean and contribute to our wellbeing?


What if we could all travel to our meetings, our loved-ones, our activities without having to worry about polluting the air we breath, climate change, or being vulnerable to other road users?

What if our kids can safely move around town and country without having to rely on their parents to trolley them around?  Where they can experience freedom of travel and explore their independence from an early age.

The challenge

We must redesign our public spaces to prioritise the use of active transport, in tandem with accessible public transport options.

To increase active transport, safety should be prioritised by creating safe infrastructure and using advanced technology to keep our loved ones safe.

Hydrogen and electric driving should be further explored and promoted to deliver smooth transport across Australia, whilst solutions are being sought for the scarce resources that go into e-driving today, making sure it can indeed become everyone's drive tomorrow. 

Helping the transition

Finding solutions that appeal to vast amounts of people requires well thought-through design, based on people's day-to-day transport needs.

Cultural change does not happen without people leading the way. But in order to get a critical mass starting to shift towards clean transport, we have to understand the triggers and barriers they are experiencing to adopt a new lifestyle.  

With a passion for active and green mobility, As We Are Research is well equipped to help understand the interplay between mobility needs, clean innovations and the possible pitfalls that hinder success.

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