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User Test Training

User testing helps design teams to develop their solutions around user needs and expectations. When user testing is done by your design teams, they may struggle to get the most out of the research and feel uncertain about the role it plays in the design process. 

This training is aimed to help design teams do solid user testing by themselves. To integrate research into the design process and gain essential research skills to make user-inspired design decisions.  


This user testing skills training is aimed at design and development teams who are aspiring to be more agile and human-centred. 

Tailored to real-life user test

We will use a real research project to train your team. The team will learn by doing, guided by a research professional. We will create exercises, templates, and a timeline to suit your project and organisational context.


Participants will learn how to:


Integrate user testing into a design process

Set-up user tests

Successfully recruit participants

Create effective topic lists

Do interviews well

Create an independent mindset

Report effectively

Value for Money

The pricing will be the equivalent of two user tests if outsourced to an external agency. For this, you get a user test + the training of your team so they can do it themselves in future.

Request a quote

Please reach out to discuss your needs and how we can tailor this training to your specific context. Call Thomas @ 0452 147 362 or

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