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As we are desiring to live longer, healthy lifestyles are essential for ensuring a high quality of life. Smart interventions, clever products and stimulating infrastructure help us to stay on top of our game. Researching behaviour is often a starting point in understanding your target's patterns that may require change. All to achieve better health and higher quality of life.


Next to understanding patterns, clever solutions may require testing prior to their implementation. Testing your solutions with your audience, helps you to understand their potential impact and the triggers and barriers for adopting your health enhancing solutions. 

A key to success is the intuitivity of any solution. We need simple solutions to tackle complex problems in order to improve adoption rate and long term success.


Hence, in a people centric world, everything needs to be developed around the end-user. To maximise success I love helping you to understand your audience inside out, just the way they are, in their daily lives.

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